Double crank shears

The double crank shears are using molding knives. These are during the shearing operation arranged perpendicular to the rolling stock….

Crank Shears

Crank shear with two knife tracks. First track with one knife, second track with three knives per knife carrier. The…

Cold shear for sections

The stationary shear for sectional product is an alternative to the use of cold saws or abrasive cut-off machines. The shear featuring a cutting force of 6300 MN can cut sections and solid shapes of large dimensions.

Coil handling

Bar-product coils undergo in-line heat treatment to suit the material’s micro-structural properties. Both accelerated cooling and retarded cooling are possible….

Reel units

MWE Reel unit designs adopt the Garret reel principle. They perfectly complement rod mills in applications where steel bar coils…

Housingless mill stands

Housingless millstands: Two-high mill stands (H- mill stands, V- mill stands, H/V- mill stands), Three- high mill stands, Brake Down- high mill stands, Two and Three- mill stands (reversible, displaceable (only Two-high mill stands)), UNIVERSAL- mill stands be used as: H- mill stands, UNI- mill stands

Finishing equipment

Rod coils are further processed and handled by finishing equipment comprising compacting and tying machines, trimming units, weigh-scales, and unloading devices.